Friday, February 26, 2010

Pets, People, and Poop

You know the great thing about having a blog is I get to choose what to write about. Total power trip..kinda of like my three year old regressing to pooping in his pullup. It is all about control baby!

After working with the public for almost ten years in my stores I have come to the conclusion that clients with pets and kids are better. Why? They go with the flow more. Nothing is worse than a client without pets or children.I mean one who has never had them. They are less understanding when something is late or doesn't go as planned. Not that ever happens in reality.Ha! Ha!

One of the most difficult clients I ever had was trying to knock down a baby birds nest with a broom  when I arrived at their front door. Mind you , that I could hear the  baby birds chirping in it as I stood below. She didn't want the birds to poop on her front porch. The next time I will take this as a sign from the universe to run fast and hard to the next client.Well, I guess I have wasted enough time and must go paint. Yipppeee!!!!

Oh and the photo above is a baby bird I saved that fell from it's nest in my backyard. I had to carry that bird around with me and feed it every fifteen minutes or so. I mushed bird food with water and suet stuck it on the end of a cuticle stick and shoved it in his beak. He or she lived and moved on happily to a bird sanctuary in Dallas.

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