Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Stone walls in a master bath.......
It isn't always the square footage of a space that defines luxury. Juxtaposing textures rough with smooth and dark with light elevate the basic bath. As the addition unfolds, a few sneak peaks at the 13 foot long exposed stone wall that leads your eye into the walk-in shower. Breaking through a 24" thick stone wall is not for the faint of heart.

Future view into bedroom
The 11.5' vaulted ceiling open even higher into the dormer. Note the strategically placed 2'x2' windows one in the shower the other centered above the sink. The bottom of the window is at 5' you can see out... but the neighbors will never know you are naked. This is a second floor master bath in a 100 year old home the view looks out over the neighbors house through Sycamore trees as old as the house into an open field.

Stone wall leading into walk in shower without a curb

The general layout is simple. The floor space 5'x13' is not large.
The volume and sense of space flooded in sunlight is enormous.