Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Windowless Wonder

I am so excited..... my friend Jennifer at
a female Leonardo Da Vinci for the 21rst century: artist, architect, mother, freelance writer, and now gourmet pig farmer ( $75 a pound pork) is willing to help me with my windowless wonder at the lake.

A couple of detail shots....

My absolute least favorite thing about this house... Go ahead look a little closer, you can see it. Where is the top of the window? All I want is a little bit of space above the window, two runs of bricks would be enough. A mere 8" to 10" and then the roof line
would make me so happy.

Another design flaw is the lack of windows on  the front facade. Adding additional windows is going to be an issue. Everything to the right of the front door is either bathroom or closet.

One teeny tiny 20" wide window graces this side of the house complemented by the dead shrubbery.
Wish me luck on this project.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Restful Rooms

                                                                since i am dead tired....
       and have the imprint of a plastic hospital chair across my face...

i thought a couple of photos of romantic bedrooms was in order

                                                                     wish I was here.......

                                                                             or here

why are emergency room chairs so uncomfortable....
and how do you know you have spent too much time in a hospital...
the emergency room personnel greet you like old friends...
and the paramedics at your house suggest
"maybe you should try coming by the firehouse if you want to see us"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Not the best shot

Okay Universe, things are starting to come together....after hours of searching I think I found a photographer...cross your fingers, toes. legs, and arms ..whatever you have. Her images are amazing click here to take a peek at her website. And you my friends, will get a reprieve from my awful photos.

NEXT on the list!!!!!!!

Well almost next, after finishing stuff for my CPA, doing my Mom's taxes,  finding a caregiver and whole long list of not fun stuff I am off to selecting a ton of cool  accessories to ship to Mom's.

You know the kind of stuff I like, antique English side saddles, vintage glove molds, crates and
a 1940's soil test kit in original metal case and intact with bottles full of hazardous chemicals. A few modern vases, maybe a painting or too. The only thing I won't be sending fine crystal, china, silver or lace tablecloths. After loading my Mom's minivan not once but three times to the ceiling with crystal and china to donate
I have touched , looked and admired enough teacups, bone china,crystal, and depression
glass to last a lifetime.

Hopefully today, I will get to drag my Mom and Reed to the  Wisteria Outlet. 
They have a whole slew of one of kind items from their recent photo shoot...wish me luck.

We were lucky. Somehow I managed with 45lbs of sleeping dead weight attached to my left side and 96lbs of Mom hanging onto my right side to walk through their 12,000 sq ft. warehouse. Gives new meaning to " sandwhich generation". Why do children always fall asleep when you need them to be awake?

 Look below at our finds.


Oversized Silver Tray

Weathered Oval Mirror

We scored some other cool stuff but you will have to wait to see it....


Friday, March 18, 2011

Marble Love

One step closer to finished.

Lampshades 101

One of the easiest changes you can make in a room is a new lampshade. The shade is the most important part of a lamp and has three basic measurements bottom width, top width, and side height. Several different frame styles are available with endless options in color and fabric choices.

My favorites are the drum shade (see photo above).
The top and bottom diameters are identical

Followed by the tapered drum shade ( see photo below)
The top and bottom are close in measurement but not identical.

The tall vintage avocado green glass lamp in the living room was in dire need of a lampshade makeover
My choices were somewhat limited due to the scale of the lamp.
I needed a large shade 18" diameter and a minimum of 12" tall.
Custom was out due to time constraints and budget.

The winner is........

Antique silk embroidered runner will not be draped on back of chair so please ignore it.

I cannot wait to see it in place.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Almost there......

Tons of details remain unfinished but I couldn't wait to share these with you. 
The transformation is amazing, the house feels loved and filled with positive energy. 

Rugs are missing
Kitchen cabinet pocket doors are not hung and hardware is not installed on cabinets
Laundry room door is not painted black,butcher block counter and  shelves are not installed above washer and dryer. Curtain to hide washer and dryer is missing.
Cushions are not complete for kitchen built in benches.
Living room couch frame is still in Dallas but cushions are there on top of old sofa from family room.
Pillows and accessories are not displayed. 
The mantel is a mess with stuff stuck all over it.
Marble subway tile filling whole window wall to crown is missing in kitchen.
Viking range is still in family room which is why the furniture is all squished together.

Three weeks and totally fabulous. I forgot to take photos of the outside, master bedroom, master bathroom and three other bedrooms. You will just have to wait to see those.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday someone asked me how did I do such an extensive remodel from across the country? Trust. 

The choice of the right contractor, specific instructions, control of  major components and instinct.I had all the custom cabinetry made locally in Texas to my specs, the appliances were bought in Texas, all the sinks, fixtures, furniture decor were made or bought in Texas and then I hired the right man to deliver.

  I am sure it exceeds my expectations. Though a small twinge of doubt creeps into my belly could be the lack of sleep from caring for a vomiting four year old last night. Yipppeeee!!!!He gets to fly with me today.
View into family room. Light fixture is original to house 100 years old...not sure it will stay but for now it does. Check out the dark stained original doors ...split in the center to allow better traffic flow around the center island. One of my favorite things. The fridge impeding the sight line into the new family room not so much but I think that is more a result of the photo angle than reality.
The gorgeous honed marble counter tops, pullout spice racks, missing the viking range and hood.    

New built in benches similar to originals, with storage underneath.

Original placement of windows. I would love to have made the windows larger, but the cost of cutting through two foot solid stone walls is unbelievable. 6 to 8 thousand. I did honed marble subway tile to the ceiling instead.

Pennsylvania slate in herringbone pattern for laundry room, original granite slab step into room.