Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Windowless Wonder


More Blah

The inside of my little lake house has been getting alot of attention...the outside, well you can judge for yourself. I did add the iron and copper window boxes, black shutters and painted the door turquoise....... but there is a long way to go. It is a 1000% percent better than it was..if you can believe it.

The front facade is a challenge. The front rooms to the right of the door are either bathrooms or closets...not spaces for large welcoming floor to ceiling windows. The only window on the left is in the laundry room above the washer and dryer. The extra beauty bonus big boring garage doors.

The entrance is less than welcoming recessed and tucked into the apex of the house. A dull grey concrete slab, low ceiling and overgrown landscaping are the finishing touches.

On a positive note, having all the bathrooms and closets on the front means the kitchen, living and bedrooms all have wonderful views of the lake. Plus the odd angle on the front makes the back of the house open up and follow the shore line.

Inspiration for the remodeled front exterior.

Flagstone path
Circular bench around our 100 year old live oak
Replace garage doors with large windows and french doors flanked by shutters
White painted pergola above new windows and doors
Small entry addition that projects out from main body of house
New door and windows
Big clay pots full of flowers

The best part, both David and I love the inspiration house and agreeing on the changes is the most difficult part.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Musings

Natural light and good bones are what makes a space. This home in Hamburg Germany photos via http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ is magnificent. The windows rescued from a chapel are in perfect contrast to the simple walls.
No matter what your style...modern, rustic, traditional, formal, simple, even empty...it would work.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost in the Everyday

Feeling melancholy.... The dark bitter chocolate silk shade of this lamp was lined in the softest pink..the color inside a seashell.The base a modern circle of clear lucite. Both modern and feminine I fell in love.

Two of these lamps were purchased. Similar but not quite identical, one ever so slightly taller than the other...a symbol of their uniqueness....

Our affair was short lived....a flying matchbox, thrown in a moment of fury
only a three year old can posses, shattered the fragile glass. Today, the garbage truck carried away the remnants and left me with a shade.

Do I search for my lamps twin, or do I open the naked table top in my family room to new inspiration?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quarter Bath

Please explain why the previous owners put a fake Tiffany kitchen pendant off to the side of my toilet.

The rest of the toilet closet. Isn't it lovely? Nothing like a 30"x60" space with a toilet, pendant light.bath fan, and blank walls to make you feel at home. I just figured out what it is...a human size litter box with light.

The Little House That Could

The past year has brought both closed doors and opportunity. The closing of my second store a year ago left me a bit lost. What does a girl do when she doesn't have to go to work every day?What do you do with all the creative energy that was used on multiple clients houses daily for the past ten years?

My options were explode or find another creative outlet? So far since January these have been my new outlets.
Writing a blog
Remodeling my "Baby" the Lakehouse
Take a class and then another class and another class. Writing, photography, painting, acting whatever strikes my fancy.

Progress so far....on my personal 1900 sq feet of heaven

                                                 New paint on door

Paint color from inside

Remodeled Kitchen Upper cabinets replaced with wall of windows and open shelving

Remodeled Kitchen with custom designed table

Remodeled kitchen wall with hidden appliance storage
We kept the base drawers and rebuilt new uppers and housing
for the ovens and microwave.

  Breakfast nook turns reading nook..the perfect place for morning coffee

Laundry room- behind curtain #3 the washer and dryer

Laundry update raised existing cabinets to laundry counter height, upper cabinets go to the ceiling new sink, paint,hardware and counters. Took this room from plastic sink garage style to stylish laundry, second prep area for parties and even a bar if needed.

Only Living Area- Down with those walls..ceiling treatment yet to come

The lived in Living Room

Entry side A with one of my paintings

Entry side B with a bust of my David..ha, ha, ha...it does look like him

Office Area- my desk from 9th grade and antique oars made by my family

Boys/Guest room headboard project yet to come

Guest room

Guest room again
My need for a photography class is becoming more evident

The long hall with my favorite find
Dutch bulb crates on the wall

The Master

Master Once Again

Boys/Guest Bath still in progress

Master Bath custom vanity with oyster shell mirrors

Master Shower with pebble floor feels so good on your feet

My project list for this house is endless so stop by and check again and again. Oh and please pass my blog along if you enjoy it...I have a plan and it rquires your help to get more readers. Thanks for stopping by.