Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still Painting

I have started liking the grey I am covering up. Well that is not exactly truthful. ...I liked the fact that I was done painting when it was grey.... not the way the room looked. I will be painting all day tomorrow happy Friday and maybe Monday. It is going to take two coats minimum to cover, possibly three.

So as I joyfully painted today and listened to Sade I contemplated why we choose to change or not to change our paint colors. Do we change for inspiration? Or because it looks dated? We just don't like it anymore? The walls are dirty or faded?

And what does that say about I really need therapy when I am choosing to paint the room the same color I custom created 11 years ago. Am I really that boring or worse yet that set in my ways?

 My house is redecorated on a weekly basis sometimes daily depending on my mood so I am not afraid of change. The dining room table could be in the office one week or the kitchen the next. The pieces I select have to work with everything else in the house which is pretty easy for me because anything goes.

After a few hours of thought I is just the right color for this house and I am lucky to still love it after all this time. My color reminds me of sunlight streaming in all day long and it looks good day or night....dressed up or down. And even better both hubby and my son agree it is their favorite...I have them so well trained.

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