Monday, February 22, 2010

Marvelous Madagasscar

    The seductive lines of this vintage table take my breath away. 
Dark rich wood tones combined with teeny touches of gold make this table a standout for this master bedroom. Now if only the wall gates could be shown....

But like in all real design projects there is always at least one crisis. The gates were 1/4" to tall or the ceilings were 1/4" to short. All in all it was easier to retrofit the gates than it was to raise the ceiling so we wait to have them resized and redelivered.

The walls are painted after several samples of grey and a creamy yellow were lived with...

The professionals arrive me below

Isn't it a lovely picture?  Nothing like holding the camera at arms length and taking a picture of yourself
to create a flattering picture.
My picture of Robert isn't much better.

The finished wall color. Everything but the table and the chair are going.Oops forgot the ceiling still has to be painted. Room is large 24 feet x 14 feet  with 10 foot ceilings. We taped painted and put everything back before the hubby came home.

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