Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Starting Simple with Cut and Paste

I bought these great prints from a company called Natural Curiosities see them at http://www.naturalcuriosities.com/.  I confess to being a packaging, wrapping paper junkie. The presentation is always as important as what is inside the box. They wre originally going to be hung inside vintage dutch bulb crates down a long hall. Unfortunately, the brown ground color did not have enough impact against the mesh screen bottoms of the wood crates.

The grey green fabric wrapped box with printed paper inside is a delight even empty. On the inside you will find a beautiful printed design of all different types of plants creatures and objects.
The available subject matter ranges from Lord Bodner's Octopus to Paul Marrot's Memoirs of France,
and a personal favorite quote "If at first an idea isn't absurb there is no hope for it." Albert Einstein.

I have had these prints for awhile and hadn't quite decided what to do with them.
The rain washed away my plans for the day so I scrounged around and came up with a backup plan.
Pulled together some branches (slightly waterlogged), burlap fabric, blank canvases and the neccessary tools glue gun, staple gun and a pair of scissors.

My natural nature is imaptient so I began cutting using the canvas as a template. You could measure and do exact dimensions but it isn't important in this project.

A little glue along the edges along with staples will hold the burlap securely.

Make sure to trim so you do not end up with too much bulky fabric when you fold the corners in.
Robert is much more the perfectionist than I am.
How exciting... we went from a white canvas covered covered board to a burlap covered board.
Next hot glue the print to the burlap and trim the sticks to border the trim. Just  a little more hot glue and voila a rustic art piece is done. Start to finish shouldn't be longer than 15 minutes and cost is less than 10 dollars plus the cost of the print.

The completed double print canvases.

The prints hung above the fireplace. This is only a temporary home
their final destination is a more rustic location in a lakehouse.

Was a fun rainy day project felt like being in kindergarten. Which makes me think this would be a great project to use kids art with instead of prints.

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