Friday, February 26, 2010

Finding Focus

Creating a focal point for this kitchen was hard. The actual kitchen cooking area has three walls of fabulous architectual features ..except for the flourescent lights in the popcorn ceiling. Fabulous hanging pendants were out because of the neccessary hood vent. I admit I was stumped for a while. The long wall of cabinets with the desk is the focal wall when you enter from the main living area
and it really needed something to break up the boring bulk of all those cabinets.Plus the room felt cut off from the rest of the house and the amazing outside lake views.

Step is a biggy. Tear down the wall with the refrigerator.
Now the room is a rectangle with symmetrical windows on either end. One set looks out to the lake in front of the table. (You can see the chairs in this photo) The other window is directly opposite and obscured by the current wall. It faces the expansive front yard.

My idea

I hope you can see my pencil sketch. I seriously need to get with technology but I love to cut and paste
and the feel and look of pencil on paper. For that matter, I love the smell of bookstores and as much as I like
 Lonny Magazine it just isn't the same without paper.

Details of Wall A:
Long symmetrical wall of cabinets with a refreigerator on one end and a pantry on the other.

Beadboard painted in semi-gloss stretches from counter to crown molding.

Iron brackets( You know I love steel and Joe too) with white open shelves

One fabulous superb vintage mirror -let there be light

With an equally fabulous light fixture in front of it possibly in mercury glass. We need to bounce as much light around as possible.

Butcher block countertops  to add warmth plus they are seroiusly economical and look great.( Don't even say they are hard to maintain I have them and grew up with them)

Details of Wall B: (The refrigerator wall)

Gone ... see you later.... asta la vista baby.

Insert new idea here

I know another hard to see pencil sketch ..get over it already.

I have been dying to use this concept... louvered shutter like doors. They keep appearing in all my favorite designers rooms check out look in dossier habitat design.

OOOOps!!! I digress. The existing window facing the front yard gets a window seat with storage underneath
and lots of fabulous cushions. The walls on either side have built in cabinets with sliding louvered shutter doors in a contrast color to all the white.  The exisitng dining table gets a facelift with paint topped with a drum shade pendant possibly something like this one from

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