Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gone Stark Raving Mad

I shared the fabulous grey that Robert and I finished painting the master bedroom with...only
five days ago....well I am off to the paint store to change it. Good thing the gates aren't ready.

I truly have lost my mind. It just makes the creme color of the silk curtains too yellow and no matter how I try to justify replacing them I can't. I haven't even shared this with Robert yet. I am just too mortified to tell him. But I know I am right so here goes two more gallons of Natura in a custom color out of my pocket.

Now I am desperately in need of a grey and creme stripe dhurrie rug for the floor to go with the bedding  fabric that caused all the fuss. Everyone who sees this fabric in my house wants to use it. Over the weekend I learned that a friend of mine loved it so much she took pictures of it when she stayed in my house last summer and never told me.

Oh and I need a white branch chandelier any suggestions?

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