Monday, March 1, 2010

Diamonds Or Ductwork

Today is definately a Monday. Somehow I managed to self-destruct the post I had written and replace it with a confusing disorganized mess. My apologies to anyone who read it.

I have been designing a kitchen for my home in my head ...with a few doodles here. And a  few there for the last few months. My current kitchen has a back splash that I  wanted to replace 11 years ago ...
The inspiration for my new kicthen. Peek way, way back in this photo. There are two steel shelves mounted on a wall tiled from floor to ceiling in subway tile. I have a thing for heavy metal always will and also for functional design. These shelves meet both criteria. Plus they look fabulous.


Now for my kitchen, I want to tear down the upper cabinets above my cooktop and tile the whole wallcounter to ceiling in zellige tile..The subtle color varations and the way the light is reflected off these handmade Moroccan tiles is breath taking.

Now for the third element. Weathered wood to cover the vent hood and contrast against the sheen of the tile. Only one small problem with this idea...I have a downdraft ventilation system currently. Pretty sure it vents through the slab foundation. Two right angles and the venta hood won't work...not enough draw.

Here is how the conversation between my husband and myself will go.."Ok honey, calm down. We only need to cut through the first floor walls. the second floor walls and the attic." Better yet I will wait for my anniversary no diamonds for me just simple ductwork for a new vent.

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