Friday, March 5, 2010

Pop Quiz

Those who know me well.. will attest to the fact that I am fairly opinionated when it comes to design. Ok and possbly other things...especially after a glass or two.

Todays soapbox: trendy, trend, or timeless
What does the noun trend mean?

1. The general direction in which something tends to move.
2. A general tendency or inclination.
3. Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion.

I was purusing the web and found a man concerned about using subway tile because he thought it was trendy. Subway tile for me is a design classic - many of the 1920's homes where I grew up including mine had it in kitchens and bathrooms and still do. Currently, it is "trendy" being featured in a myriad of colors,
sizes and composition in many different styles of decors. But I gaurantee that good old plain white subway tile will be just as classic once the trend dies as will marble. The other colors ..might not be so lucky.

I think a trend is dangerous ( meaning easily dated in a short period of time) when it is combined with several trends from the same time period. When you design or decorate the iems you select should be things you love...and some should be new and some should be old. Homes like people need to constantly change and evolve or they become boring, stale or just plain creepy. Furniture and decor choices shouldn't all match and please do not purchase everything for your home from the same store.

While reading"House and Home" I came across an artcle by Lynda Reeves...she had some great thoughts on this subject." If you have to redecorate a room to acomodate a trend, you should think again.Seek out tends
that you can easily inject for maximum effect."

My interpretation of this is pick what you love that is new ...add it to the mix and everything else will look fresher. Do this continually...for the non designers who abhore change something annually: pillows, lamps, rugs, paint..even art. This could be as simple as burning all your silk flower arrangements and replacing them ...with nothing.Changing your lamps to a sleek modern/ vintage murano glass one, or a industrial style nickel one.

Now for the test. Select  the decade each if the kitchens were designed from. A-1960's B-1970's C-1980's D-1990's E-2000's for the photos listed below. Answers are at bottom of page.
                                                                       Kitchen #1

                                                                      Kitchen #2

                                                                       Kitchen #3

                                                                   Kitchen #4

                                                                  Kitchen #5

Kitchen #6

Kitchen #7

                                                                        Kitchen #8

Kitchen #9

Kitchen #10

                                                                   Did you pass?

Answer Key

1.) 1979

2.) 1989
3.) 1981
4.) 1984
5.) 1990
6.) 2001
7.) 2002
8.) 1990
9.) 2002
10.) 1992

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