Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dare I do it?

What does your front door say about you? Mine says..dull, boring and no taste.
I want it to say happy, fresh, exciting like this hot pink number.

The fancy decorative glass panel of my door is cut in such a way that it's hard to look through. Looks like you're looking into a giant kaleidoscope. It is almost all glass...yet very little light gets through to the inside of the house. The full lite style adds no color to the exterior and the busy decorative details look ridiculous on my modest ranch. You know the kind...they are all over Home Depot and Lowe's but never featured in a design magazine. My door will be the design quivalent of an avocado green refrigerator in 20 years maybe sooner.

The previous owners paid Home Depot $5000 for my door fiasco. I have the receipt. They probably pitched a perfetly good simple door for this extravanganza of a door. When purchasing a high impact long term item it is best to choose a classic that suits the style of your home.

Before, I order my new front door in a simple wood cottage style,,I will try bold paint. My options a deep bright pink, turquoise, black and white. One quart of each is in my car...it needs to stop raining so I can get to work.

A little inspiration for my project.

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