Saturday, June 19, 2010

Laid Back Saturday

Early Saturday morning, Reed nestled under a blanket from the couch, sound asleep on Buster's bed. Half in the hall and half in the guest room.

Unexpected details make me the most happiest. The vintage dutch bulb crates that line the walls of my narrow and long hall were a great find. I needed something to dress the blank white walls but the big  problem ....the sides of whatver hung was the focal point not their centers.

This past Monday I scored another find. Yipee for me!! They have a soft faded wood patina and are the perfect size. It was a bit of trick getting them 100 degree heat, chiggers, poison sumac, chin high weeds and a search in a dilipadated Texas barn.

Linen closet french doors to be

 Before I met the doors, my master bath design was complete or so I thought. I trudged home with two sets of dusty, dirty spider covered bifold doors.A quick switch from bifold to french doors and my master linen closet builder grade door is gone.The second set I bought for the hardware. Total expense for both sets $35. Doesn't a bargain make you smile.

I searched for info on how to change my bifold doors to french and happened upon the most beautiful blog
by Maria, another unexpected sweet suprise. Take a moment and enjoy her blog Simple Life

Master Bath update end of Day 23

This is a bit early but I am too excited not to share. The decor on the shelves needs to be reworked, and items purchased to store my bathroom neccessities but you get the idea.

Master Shower update end of Day 23

The master shower still needs the seamless glass installed and there is my linen closet with the new doors on front.


  1. I see things are coming together. Very nice! I think the niche works well and I think it is very cool how the shower head can be raised, lowered, or moved side to side.

    We've been installing more "Pottery Barn" stuff lately so I think I'll have to visit and find out why all the interest is there.

    I posted a response to your question about wheelchair protection over on my site when you get a sec.

  2. Thanks for the sweet words about my blog, Vintage Simple, Melinda... (Although maybe I should call it Simple Life..?) I kind of like that! ;)

    The bathroom is looking great = and I think your doors will look fantastic as french doors!