Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Musings

David woke me at 4:30 this morning. So here I sit typing.... silence broken by the faintest singing of birds ....the windows dark warm cup of coffee aside of me. Early morning is my favorite time of day.

The beautiful master bathroom remodel has left many of the needed items in a box at the very bottom of my jam packed, un-navigable, closet.Under boxes of light fixtures, towels, extra showerheads, bed linens and one large tapestry was the shaving creme, shampoo etc.

Guilty. Yep me, I made the bathroom look put together... but in my hurry to shoot a photo I forgot to put the toiletry items in their new homes. Simple things make surviving a remodel much easier

Which reminds me of my top five remodeling tips. This list is mainly for wives not because I am sexist but because I have found that in 90% of my design projects, it is the wife who initated them. Most men, including my handsome husband are quite fine with the way things are. Me, well change is a constant in my home and there is always a project going on. My list is endless....

Tie on your apron and channel June Cleaver.....

1.) Do not complain ( Yes, there are holes around my fauctes where the marble was drilled... all six of them.I do not say a word or point them out...on the inside I am seriously disappointed...this will be fixed why stress someone else about it)

2.) Be excited an joyous ( Point out all the positives and how happy they make you...praise for your money spent)

3.) Clean and clean again ( Try to get home before your spouse and clean up. Minimize the mess as much as possible. Make your home look like a home not a construction zone. Yep it is a pain and seems pointless because the mess will be the same or worse the next day...but minimizing the mess will make everyone feel better and more relaxed. Plus, the added bonus if you take care it rubs off on everyone around you....even the plumber will be is human nature.)

4.) Explain to the contractor what your needs are to live in the house while it is remodeled. (Come up with a plan that minimizes stress and inconvenience. I have seen it too many times, everything is ripped out at once easier for the contractor ...harder for the homeowner and then it sits for days even weeks with little or no change. Heck, I see this with upholsterers they take all your furniture and then it sits for 2 to 6 weeks before they even drives me crazy.)

5.) Food and Wine ( Treat your family to good meals homemade or store bought..have a cocktail waiting in the fridge for when honey gets home)

In the end even you will feel better. House clean, well fed and a glass of wine makes most of us happier.....the added plus..... exhaustion will make you sleep better.

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