Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And the winner is.....

I did it I painted my front doors hot pink.....they stayed that way for a full 24 hours. I couldn't do it. The color was too intense very close to the color above. I miss it a little bit...the remnants of pink still splattered on my French manicure.

So what does a girl do, she repaints.

I grabbed my inspiration, two glass sculptures and ran to Lowe's. The new color is very similar to the fabric on the daybed above. Valspar paint in Lake Country..isn't the name apropo for a lake house.

The door and I are still notBFF"s...but I can at least live with it for a little while. The unexpected plus....when the door is open the color makes me smile.

A second coat of paint today and I will post a photo.


  1. That’s really a fantastic color, Melinda! Its vibrant color can lift up the mood of everyone who passes by your house. But I wish you also had your sidings repainted as well, so that it could complement with your chic door.

    William Gulliver

  2. I love having a pink door! It’s a gorgeous color, and it shows how feminine I could be. Plus, it’s my favorite color for it signifies romance, and universal love.
    - Patrica Kimberly