Friday, June 25, 2010

Lions and Tigers Oh My!!!

Apparently the view of the lake in my backyard appeals to someone other than me. My new house guest a mountain lion sat next to my red canoe for 20 minutes while I watched ...he later strolled away.

A few minutes later closer to the house a second guest ....a Bobcat gracefully leaps and catches a squirrel in it's mouth...the Bobcat and I have a staring contest through the glass as it carries it's lunch back into the woods.

An hour passes and the Bobcat with black striped legs arrogantly stalks across my yard making eye contact with me and my dog the whole time.

He has to be gone now, another hour passes and he returns marking my yard as his turf. Four blatant sightings in one day has me a lttle concerned... and then he returns strolls across the yard and pounces up into my tree stalking an egret in the lake below. Make that five sightings.

It was an exciting day inside the house as well. First the mess is gone. Yep, the contractors packed up and moved out after 27 work days. They did a great job overall. Thanks to Bobby, Drew, Ed, and Lonnie at  Plano Tile and granite.One last big item remains...the seamless glass shower door which they measured for yesterday. It will be installed in about two weeks.

There are a couple minor things  yet to happen in the boys bathroom. Don the magic cabinet maker needs to come over and build the shelf for below the floating sinks and to frame out the front of the tub. The pendant lights need to be raised and the room painted.

The Almost After

Marco and I painted the main living area. The ceiling still needs to be covered with whitewashed boards and painted with a pale grey Morroccan pattern. It is a major improvement from the pale flesh pink semi gloss the walls were painted with by the previous owners. Who paints textured living rooms including the ceilings with semi gloss?

The Almost After

No picture yet...but the custom curtain rod for the laundry room arrived and was installed on front of the counter. Yipeee!!!!!!

Long day and more progress to come and possibly more National Geographic episodes.

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