Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Double Detail Double Price

A quick peek at the Boys Bath decorative elements

I couldn't find  mirrors I liked in the right size and right budget combination. I needed two of them to make it even more difficult and more expensive. After a little thought (see photo above) and a drive to my favorite cabinetmaker. Voila, fabulous perfect budget friendly mirrors. He removed the mirror cut the frames down 8" inches and put them back together for a mere $45. A quick jaunt into town and my mirror was cut for $5 more and glued into place.

Centered in front of each of the wood framed distressed mirrors will hang an 11" diameter brushed nickel pendant. The pendant will draw the eye up to the ceiling and help the 8' foot ceilings feel higher. These were hung today but I am not there to see how they look.

The sink console  is a sleek and simple honed carrera and floats above a single shelf. I searched for the perfect wall mount faucets that I could afford. Secret source overstock.com. I found other great faucets and showers there too.

Special announcement: I interrupt this blogs train of thought with a word of motherly advice. I smelled burning and went to investigate. My 14 year old son had just finished cooking a pizza. Apparently reading all the directions was not neccessary. The burning smell was the carboard still attached to the bottom of pizza. At least he removed the plastic.


  1. I love the patina on those mirrors' frames - and they'll look great with the pendants.

    Thank you for leaving such a kind note over at my place - I appreciate it. And I'm really glad you found the post helpful.


  2. "Wow", the mirrors will look fabulous. Good choice and I didn't get a chance to see the pendent lamps but they too will look great as well.

    I was in a small Italian Restaurant in Plano yesterday and was admiring the faux finish on the walls and it reminded me of you and those mirrors.

    The old world flavor was warm and similar.

    Good job.

    Ed Sunderland