Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Will I be?

What do you do when your life plan has stalled? When for the first time in don't have to do something. Well maybe, a little something like pack a lunch, wake up a kid, do laundry. You are the same person you were only different because you are not doing as much of the same things. Work has defined who I was for so long and now less time is spent on work and more on my family. I am lopsided or maybe I was lopsided and am now evenly balanced.

I am still coming to terms with all the different "doing" since closing my stores. My family has managed to fill my time with errands, wants and needs and totally reversed the balance of my time. I get up in the morning and yesterday finally sat down at 9 pm to read my design magazine.Where did the day go? And how did I get the title "sort of a stay at home mom" from my oldest? He lives in fear I will join the PTA.

My day went like this....
Scheduled and fixed the garage door
Scheduled the lawnmower repair and septic repair at the lake
Bought brake pads for David's bike
Bought school supplies
Bought new food processor ( didn't work have to return it today)
Unpacked from vacation
Made a fabulous dinner borrowed the neighbors food processor
Went to the gym
Worked on my Mom's addition for her house and kitchen layout
Consoled and cheered up my 80 year old mother on the phone multiple times through the day

I sit here still trying to figure out who I will be when I grow up and how I will balance my passion design with the needs/wants of my brood. Hhhmmm. Maybe I need an office or a store outside of this place to keep everyday details from stealing my time. At least I got to write in my blog and maybe I will get to work on my headboards today with Reedy Roo as my assistant.

Anyway, life has changed my plans, no headboard and I am off on a plane in the next few minutes. Back home where I just returned from to take care of my Mom. Maybe, I need a mobile office......


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