Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Heritage Americana

Lately, I have been avoiding reading the newspaper. The headlines are depressing...economy slows, housing sales down, you know the titles.The rocky stock market, loss of jobs and malaise is turning us back to our roots. Forget the global trends for a second, take a look at the resurgence of plain and simple Americana designs popping up everywhere. Comfort food for your home via the Wingback and the Windsor chair.

The wingback is the quintessential New England, Martha Stewart style chair pulled up before a fire. Ever wonder why the wings? The original purpose of those wings and the high back was to keep drafts away and to protect the milky white complexions of women from the roaring fires flames.

The Windsor Chair originally from England was introduced to America by the 1726 governor of Pennsylvania, Patrick Gordon. American chairs were constructed out of softer woods like pine. The soft wood required thicker seats for strength.Unlike their English cousins they were always painted.

Did you watch Secrets of a Stylist on Sunday night? Fabulous new HGTV show with Emily Henderson the natural beauty, winner of  Design Star who makes you want her as your B.F.F.
She used both the big W's in her design more than once.Check her design out below.

See that chair tucked in the corner a black painted Windsor.

Center stage Emily's chair choice the Wingback.

So get out that dusty blue or maybe even mauve pink wingback hiding in your attic.Change out the dated upholstery for some simple natural linen in grey like Emily used or griege like Restoration Hardware's.Update the legs with paint or even more fun liming paste.

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