Friday, September 17, 2010

How to fake it?

No, I am not talking about that. Is that all you think about? I am talking about height, size, scale of a room.What do you do when you are not blessed with 9' or 10' ceilings? Yours are a mere 7' ( really tough) or 8' foot. Most of us know the tricks for dressing skinny and looking taller? Well, they work for your room too.
Model-Head to toe color. Rich warm browns in different textures create a long lean silhouette. I forgot who this is....

Ilse Crawford founder of brittish Elle Decor creates a stunning room in neutal shades of stone. Hanging chairs float above the floor to create an open airy feel. And you can't avoid following the lean line of chain all the way up to the ceiling. The low couch and chaise exagerate the room height. The same as when you dress...don't cut your self in half applies to a room. The basic rule of a long tunic top with slim jeans or a cropped jacket with a high waisted skirt. It's all about playing with proprotions.

Miles Redd draws your eye up, up and up with lacquered rich navy cabinetry to the ceiling. If this was an outfit it would be a lean tailored pant suit with a simple thin alligator belt around the waist.

Somtimes packing more into a small space makes it seem larger. I won't share a pic ( wouldn't be nice) but we all know the power of spandex and forcing a little extra into a pair of  bike shorts or skinny jeans. Remember the Saturday Night Live episode of " Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans" and them lying on the bed to zip them....It works great for a room not for your thighs. Pic courtesy of Domino Mag (RIP) but check out Lonny Magazine online for most and by special order in print for those of us who need paper.

Draw the eye up and around the room with repeated pops of color. Make sure that is not your husbands photo with the face painted over...might not inspire romance. OOPS!!!! I forgot where this phot is from if you know please tell me so I can give them credit.

PATTERN, PATTERN,PATTERN.....BUT IT MUST BE THE RIGHT ONE.  The herringbone wood walls point right up to the sky, breaking up all the wood with an unexpected detail. So much more intersting than a vertical paneled wall or even a horizontal paneled wall.

Off to my closet to find an outfit that will make me grow an inch or two. Have a wonderful weekend.


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