Monday, August 30, 2010

Minute Monster Monday

SSSssshhh they are still sleeping. I get up early everyday for the moments of peace. You know the ones I am talking about....those first few minutes when you don't hear...
"Mom, I can't find my bag of socks. I think the cleaning ladies took them"
or even better
"Mom, I have to bring home made cookies to school today."

I call them the minute monsters...all the little things that only take a minute and next thing you know it is time for bed and nothing you wanted to get done is done. The minute monsters have been munching on my minutes all summer and now it is back to school and back to hockey and they are devouring even more of my time. I am putting my new platform shoe down now!

In honor of my  "No Minute Monster Monday" here are a few feminine fabulous spaces...calm, relaxed
and Oh so peaceful.

P.S. My 130 pound minute monster just said" Mom you are the best ever" as he walked out the door for the bus. I guess breakfast was good and he was happy I made his lunch.

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