Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Still Standing After All This Time

Both me and the "not quite new dishwasher" are still standing. If you wonder where I have been...I have a really good excuse. I lost my mind, well temporarily at least. Adding a new addition of an 80 year old to your brood (who chooses to  reside across the country from you) has a steep learning curve. Not to mention,  the renovation of a 3 story plus basement 4 floors in total 100 year old house with 18" to 24" thick stone walls. I have spent more time in Pennsylvania this year than I ever would have imagined... I count my visits in months instead of  weeks. The finish line will be in sight soon with hope we will be done in January.

If you can't tell by the photo above this kitchen needed a little updating. Check out the Kitchen Aid dishwasher it was old in 1968 now it qualifies as prehistoric.Amazing that it still works. I had to replace my own dishwasher after 8 years. 

Anyway, I had this fabulous plan of sharing all the marvelous details of the kitchen design with you and I have failed miserably. I was going to start with a brief description of cabinet construction details
and talk about proportions. It all hinged on a photo of  a kitchen with clean lined simple panel inset doors, a 6" face rail above it and mitered inset beads on the cabinet face. Hard to understand without the photo.which I just realized is it at the cabinetmakers.

Hope your day is wonderful.


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  1. "Been wondering where you've been in my DIY and home improvement community?"

    Hope all is going well.