Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Windowless Wonder

I am so excited..... my friend Jennifer at
a female Leonardo Da Vinci for the 21rst century: artist, architect, mother, freelance writer, and now gourmet pig farmer ( $75 a pound pork) is willing to help me with my windowless wonder at the lake.

A couple of detail shots....

My absolute least favorite thing about this house... Go ahead look a little closer, you can see it. Where is the top of the window? All I want is a little bit of space above the window, two runs of bricks would be enough. A mere 8" to 10" and then the roof line
would make me so happy.

Another design flaw is the lack of windows on  the front facade. Adding additional windows is going to be an issue. Everything to the right of the front door is either bathroom or closet.

One teeny tiny 20" wide window graces this side of the house complemented by the dead shrubbery.
Wish me luck on this project.

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  1. Hi Melinda, there are a couple things that may be able to happen but no one has to tell you what is involved.

    Installing perhaps wider but not taller windows that would allow a row of "soldier bricks" across the top.

    Another idea may be to install a "dormer" above the window to provide a larger sight picture in some fashion. That would require and architect and some major renovation.

    If you simply want more daylight, have a "Solar Tube" or two installed in the dimmest areas. You would be amazed at how much they light up an area, and a standard light bulb can be installed inside so you can use them at night too.

    Warm regards,