Friday, March 18, 2011

Lampshades 101

One of the easiest changes you can make in a room is a new lampshade. The shade is the most important part of a lamp and has three basic measurements bottom width, top width, and side height. Several different frame styles are available with endless options in color and fabric choices.

My favorites are the drum shade (see photo above).
The top and bottom diameters are identical

Followed by the tapered drum shade ( see photo below)
The top and bottom are close in measurement but not identical.

The tall vintage avocado green glass lamp in the living room was in dire need of a lampshade makeover
My choices were somewhat limited due to the scale of the lamp.
I needed a large shade 18" diameter and a minimum of 12" tall.
Custom was out due to time constraints and budget.

The winner is........

Antique silk embroidered runner will not be draped on back of chair so please ignore it.

I cannot wait to see it in place.


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