Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Not the best shot

Okay Universe, things are starting to come together....after hours of searching I think I found a photographer...cross your fingers, toes. legs, and arms ..whatever you have. Her images are amazing click here to take a peek at her website. And you my friends, will get a reprieve from my awful photos.

NEXT on the list!!!!!!!

Well almost next, after finishing stuff for my CPA, doing my Mom's taxes,  finding a caregiver and whole long list of not fun stuff I am off to selecting a ton of cool  accessories to ship to Mom's.

You know the kind of stuff I like, antique English side saddles, vintage glove molds, crates and
a 1940's soil test kit in original metal case and intact with bottles full of hazardous chemicals. A few modern vases, maybe a painting or too. The only thing I won't be sending fine crystal, china, silver or lace tablecloths. After loading my Mom's minivan not once but three times to the ceiling with crystal and china to donate
I have touched , looked and admired enough teacups, bone china,crystal, and depression
glass to last a lifetime.

Hopefully today, I will get to drag my Mom and Reed to the  Wisteria Outlet. 
They have a whole slew of one of kind items from their recent photo shoot...wish me luck.

We were lucky. Somehow I managed with 45lbs of sleeping dead weight attached to my left side and 96lbs of Mom hanging onto my right side to walk through their 12,000 sq ft. warehouse. Gives new meaning to " sandwhich generation". Why do children always fall asleep when you need them to be awake?

 Look below at our finds.


Oversized Silver Tray

Weathered Oval Mirror

We scored some other cool stuff but you will have to wait to see it....


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