Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Memory Lane

Sorry for the long pause between postings recently. I left my UBS cable at my Mom's and today I finally went out and bought one.

Come along and enjoy a trip down memory lane with me. Most of the homes in my neighborhood were built in the teens or twenties for Bethlehem Steel management. I snapped a couple shots off as I drove by. It is no wonder I am so intrigued ...ok maybe obsessed with design and architecture after spending my childhood inside and out of all these works of art.
The bricks on this home are running perpendicular to each other which gives it an incredible texture.

My best friend Peter Koopman lived in this house right across the street from Mrs. Groman (Groman's bakeries) ...the best cupcakes on trick or treat fully decorated. We always suspected Mrs. Groman only had one ear. Why? Because she wore a gigantic fresh flower on the side of her head totally covering her ear everyday.

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