Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open Up

It is amazing how opening up can change your perspective. The last 24 hours have been a daring adventure. My morning started with sharing what was going on in my life with 50 diverse strangers from LA to Charlotte enrolled in class with me.

Two hours later, I was witnessing a physical opening up as the walls came down in-between the living room and the kitchen at the lake. Both experiences were terrifying, inspiring and freeing all at the same time. What if I had made a mistake, there was no going back in either case. One changed the energy in my head and the other the energy in my living space.

Lightness or positive energy whatever you want to name it …whether it is inside you or someone you pass on the street... is contagious. A casual smile from a passerby can be an instant mood changer.

Natural sunlight and a sense of space are the equivalent of a smile for your home. Now, when I enter, sit down to eat, watch TV, and walk down the hall I am bathed in warm sunlight and a view of the lake.

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