Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anxiously Anticipating

With so many projects partly complete...I am counting down the days back to sanity
Here is a short snippet as to why

Living Area Before

    The awkward wall that blocked the view, the natural light, and made furniture placement nearly impossible

                             Living Area During                                 

     Todays status ... looks the same as the past week

Laundry Room Before

Laundry Room During

New butcher block top
Raised existing cabinet higher
Painted existing cabinet
New Calcutta Danby honed counter

Curtain skirt waiting for iron curtain rod and to finish painting.
L shaped rod 73.75" x 3.75 to mount on face of 1.5" thick butcher counter is missing.
Hint, hint to one specific reader.
Boys Bathroom Before

 Lovely shower doors torn out by me happy happy day.

Well, you can't see it..and now its gone to the dump. But the walls were tiled in a tan tile with the ever popular burgundy border and it was done 10 years ago. This is why there are professionals

Boys Bathroom During

 A floating carrera marble vanity with shelf below and two under-mount sinks will replace the dysfunctional 29" high vanity.At my whopping 5"2" I was to tall for this vanity. Maybe the original owners were dwarfs.

The new ungrouted  handmade white subway tile goes all the way to the ceiling.

Master Bath Before

Master Bath During

Oh I can't wait until it is done..for now there is just a gaping hole in my floor.

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