Saturday, April 10, 2010


Gaping Hole Gone!

Smaller Gaping Hole Gone.

     New Front Door still waiting on operable black shutters. 
   Paneled shutters on bottom and louvered shutters on the second floor just like the ones it had originally.


Can you see under that mess the jointer and planer? 

Garage After photos
It was worse than the basement. I cleaned and moved machines
from 6am until 7 pm even my toes were tired. 

The machines were vacummed.My father never purchased a single item that weighed less than 50 pounds. Monarch Lathe weighs 4000 plus pounds in the corner. Nikon V-4 Profile Projectore because you never know when you need to be exact to 1/1000 of an inch coming in at 1500 pounds.

And because one lathe is never enough a Pratt and Whitney Model "C" 12" coming in at 4500 pounds.

Cincinnati Toolmaster tooling machine every garage needs one of these babies. 3000 pounds.
In my audition video for HGTV I explained I had a good knowledge of working with tools. Maybe I should have included pictures of these.
 Basement during not quite done yet.

All finished in the garage. Now I just need to sell the machines and move them out. The  two commercial sewing machines plus one home PFAFF. My result of my B.S. in Fashion Design.

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