Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me

Her photos are simply amazing.

Yesterday, my phone rang while I was at the lake. Fate! A few days ago I posted about being a chicken. I just realized I have a bird theme going on here. Well fate just stepped in
and complicated things in my life.

The run-down ramshackle shack I decided not to bid on is up for sale again. The financing fell through. It is a strange purchase. You technically are not buying anything but the right to lease the land for a 100 years.

The house itself is a tear down. And as much as I love to save and re-use old things ...there is not much architectual salvage. The structure subtracts value because of the demo disposal costs involved. A big bon fire is most likely it's happy ending.

The land is beautful...the views are beautiful and the challenge exciting. The investment risk is build a house and wait for it to sell in this market.Hmmmm. Maybe I am cuckoo for even contemplating it again.

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