Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It has been way too long...

Ok, I am guilty as charged. I have been neglectful, my poor blog has sat here all alone.  
I have been crazy busy and thought I would share a couple images with you.

Room transformed from never used game room to cool teen bedroom.
Take a step down into this relaxed hip space. Dark hardwood floors ground the room,
while new wood casement windows open up to the outside of this Darling built suburban home.

 Simple dip dyed bedding in navy and white "Modern Indigo" by Ralph Lauren dresses the two XL Twin beds. 

Fifteen feet of double drawers that are 40" deep offer tons of divided storage, twenty two pairs of men's size ten sneakers are hidden inside.  And, if the next owner does not like them, all they have to do is remove eight screws. The hardwood floor extends underneath as do the baseboards.

 The custom 300 pound barn door took four people to get up the stairs, but you would never know by how easy it glides on the track. I did not know that three layers of solid wood could weigh so much. The size 10 feet x 4 feet might have a little to do with it.

The bubble chair is centered to the TV for optional use of the hidden PS3. All the other components are hidden in the 12" deep cabinet/shelf with doors that are hinged on the bottom.Under it, the desk made of reclaimed barn wood has a glass top so you can write on it and a base from an antique library table. Nearby, is a comfy vintage leather club chair for reading.

The big trick with this room was making it look like it just happened without thought. The owner wanted a cool space that did not look like it was designed. Do you think it worked?


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