Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodbye Garage Hello Living

I usually know what I want to do to a space immediately. A picture pops into my head, and then I work backwards creating the details. Once the volume of the space is determined, the hard surfaces selected I get to the fun part. Choosing unique personal pieces and uncovering great scores that are totally unexpected to fill in the gaps.

The garage remodel at the lake house, has been a challenge for me. I can easily visualize the volume of the interior space but not how it impacts the exterior. Specifically, not how different designs impacted the roof lines and their intersections.

A friend, suggested I make folded paper roof models. Thanks Jennifer. Who knew, that by folding copy paper in half and taping it on top of other pieces of folded paper for the walls I could build my house.

A sneak peek at pieces for my vision.

The garage soon to be a second living area, will be flooded with natural light. The front and back walls are french doors end to end. The third wall will have floor to ceiling windows surrounded by built-ins. I want to bring all that natural light into the rest of my down goes another 12 foot section of wall including two closets separating the kitchen from the garage. And in its place a 12' wide x 10' tall sliding barn door.

Building off the large diagonal Italian tile with its greyish tones in the kitchen and other parts of the house
will be a weathered oak, large scale herringbone wood floor. David wants to lay the floor....ssshhh don't tell him about the chevron pattern. I love the bold pattern it makes on the floor.

The french doors will extend from wall to wall nearly 22 running feet of glass on either end of the room. They will have simple horizontal divided lights. I now know more about divided light options in windows than I ever did before, I will blog about the hours spent determining divided light sizes for my other home later. The set of six doors featured in this photo fold up and stack at the ends, not sure these will fit in my budget but they are so cool.

Exposed ceiling beams  painted glossy white with a fabulous chandelier or maybe two different chandeliers.

A pool table in navy lacquer like this chest....

Or possibly white lacquer with navy felt. Anyone out there have an old pool table they want to sell cheap?

A clean lined white slipcovered sectional, with lots of room for boys. Pop it in the wash with a little bleach and it is good as new.
Several old fashioned sailors hammocks hung from the exposed rafters will be stored in the built-ins when not in use. Covered either in white denim or possibly if I feel daring this fabulous Thomas Paul fabric in ink.

Tons of other details are left but the core pieces and layout are sketched and estimates are started. One year late but sometimes life gets in the way. Just wait till you see the new carport concept  it is beautiful. Two words I never thought would be in the same sentence carport and beautiful...



  1. I'm incorporating a barn door in our garage reno also. We're converting ours into a master suite, mudroom, and dining area. The barn door will be in the master bedroom and I just primed it the other day. Can't wait to see that baby hanging up! Love all your inspiration photos.

  2. Please share a photo when you hang it. What color are you painting it?