Saturday, July 9, 2011

Silver Dreams

I first saw my clients inspiration images in an email. I was thrilled and knew this was meant for me. Each of the photos they selected had strong personal style with contrasts of white. Not your typical Texas style and they were sans brown. YIPPEEE!!! The dining room inspiration had white chairs, the office black papered walls and crisp white moldings, and the master inspired with an elegant upholstered winter white bed.I have always had a love affair with white in it's many shades and this was too good to be true.

The master in this particular house is a simple functional room without great views. It does have good proportions and a beautiful tray ceiling. I needed to mix a little Austin Powers with 40's sophisticated glamour...oh, and a large dog bed for a very large black lab.

Yesterday, when the stenciled ceiling was almost finished, I took a quick nap on the hardwood floor right where the bed would be and soaked in the magnificent view. My photo isn't the best the metallic paint appears darker than it is in reality.The walls in the room are a soft metallic grey and the ceiling is a variation of the same metallic grey.

A more accurate representation of the color palette and a good pic of Cam before the Moroccan Key pattern was permanently burned on his retina.
The ceiling complete

The glamorous and luxurious bed in a soft winter white velvet......

The armoire silver leaf, warm white paint and burlap between the glass.....

The inlaid capiz pendants for over the nightstands

The clean lined mirrored nightstand for either side of the bed

The bubble chair
Remember, the big dog bed requirement.
He gets to rest under this hanging chair and with a quick toss in the closet, voila the dog bed is gone.

So now all we do is sit and anxiously wait for the furnishings to be made and arrive...

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