Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

I am rushing about finalizing details on a couple of projects and uncertainty has set in. I am a true believer in trust your gut......but this morning I am obsessing. And not over one thing but several. 

                                                                     Boys Bath Before

                                                                  Boys Bath During
I envisioned a simple modern floating 2" thick white shelf  below the sinks. On Saturday, I selected the wood for my tub face.The original construction inspiration photo is below..

Except mine will be rustic similar to the trough inspired tub surround below. And mine, is made out of weathered 100 year old reclaimed barn siding with a heavy whitewash finish

Photo House Beautiful

Now do I keep the floating shelf under the sinks a clean modern painted white or make it out of the same barnwood? Hmmmmm!!! I am still leaning to the solid white and have 58 minutes left to confirm my decision. 

Dilemma two...I bought new chairs this weekend for the lake, or so I thought they were for the lake.The problem is they look really great here, 50 miles from the lake in my breakfast room.

 What do I do?



  1. Very nice use of bead board on the tub face. I only wish there were more folks out there with that courage and eye for interesting design. It works.

    Good shots.

  2. Love that you're using reclaimed wood! It's an awesome look--so I'm kinda diggin' the reclaimed wood for under your sinks too. But by now I'm sure you've made your decision:)