Friday, August 6, 2010

Twin Twins

Naked Wall

Finding two of anything is always harder. I have been scouring craigslist, antique stores and ebay for a pair of twin headboards without success. My room needs something with presence a hint of black, durable (teenage boys sleep here), style feminine but simple, ( this is also a guest room...the boys get cots in the living room if we are crowded),  tall 64" and narrow. It has been like a series of bad blind dates, too short, too wide, too girly, too blah and too expensive not that I have been on a blind date recently.

My doodle for the headboard

Simple iron posts and frame similar to this bed I made for another guest room will frame the MDF upholstered center. The center is 1/2" MDF cut with a jigsaw and will be padded and upholstered in a simple heavy linen. My MDF is cut and since I cannot weld you know what I will be doing this weekend ...upholstering and waiting for my frame.


I still need to figure out the final details for the headboard. Maybe a handpainted monogram, or other design, nailheads, whipstitching not sure. Any suggestions?

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