Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tile Terror

I am having a moment...well maybe several moments. I cannot commit to a shape for the back splash tile. Lead time is a couple of months and that translates to order today.

Option 1 square Moroccan  Zelig tile below from Mosaic Del Sur. Simple, classic, timeless in an opalescent white.

Yes, Brooke Shields has the same tile in her NYC apartment kitchen. I love this kitchen.

Option 2 arabesque Moroccan Zelig tile below from Mosaic Del Sur in same color as square tile

A wall of handmade arabesque tiles in a metallic finish.


A close up of the beautiful patina on the silver and gold handmade metallic tiles.

Another arabesque tile image for shape reference
kitchen style is a more fussy than my desired look.

Do I play it safe go square or risk it with arabesque? What are your thoughts?

Some items are confirmed to help you vote.

Extra thick honed marble counter tops with painted cabinets.

Open shelves made out of reclaimed wood or marble with steel brackets. The shelves will hang in front of the tile which extends from ceiling to counter.

Sleek Wolf rangetop

Oly Studio Chandelier above the breakfast table.

 Modern brass Arterior's pendants above island.



  1. I say take a risk and go with the Moroccan ones:) I love that shape and it's not EVERYwhere. Either way, I'm sure you won't be disappointed but the Moroccans get my vote!

  2. In the middle o( ) (key( )oard won't type missing letters...sorry! LOL) a kitchen remodel ourselves. We have a much smaller ( )udget than you ( )ased on your selections) ( )ut as you are...I am seriously leaning towards the ara( )esque style tiles (darn key( )oard!). So in love with them...they are unique in today's world o( ) su( )way tiled kitchens. They have traditional, ethnic elements to them and o( )( )er that eclectic touch I love. I( ) I walked into a kitchen with ara( )sque tile, I'd draw the conclusion that the designer had taste! Since our space is really modest, I'm thinking we'll go with an ivory, non-( )eveled version ( )ut check out the ( )eveled versions o( ) the ara( )esque...so ( )eautiul. In your case though, considering your other selections, I really like the handmade silver ara( )esque tiles...stunning :)